Acqua Marina
African Red
Alma Grey
Andromeda White
Angola Black
Angola Silver
Arabescato Corchia
Arabescato Cervaiole
Arabescato Orobico
Arabescato Vagli
Aran White
Atlantic Stone
Aurisina Fiorito
Azul Louro
Azul Aran
Azul Bahia
Azul Imperial
Azul Macaubas
Azul Platino
Baltic Brown
Bateig Beige
Bateig Blue
Belgian Black
Belgian Fossil
Bethel White
Bianco Covelano
Bianco Iberico
Bon Accord
Bianco Macaubas
Bianco V
Black Forest
Black Horse
Blue De Savoie
Botticino Classico
Botticino Fiorito
Breccia Capraia
Breccia Fantastico
Breccia Supreme
Breccia Vagli
Brown Silk
Calacatta Oro
Calacatta Michaelangelo
Calacatta Portugal
Calacatta Vagli
Calacatta Verde
Calacatta Viola
Carib Gold
Colonial Gold
Colonial White
Cosmic Black
Crema Evora
Crema Marfil
Daino Reale
Dakota Mahogany
Diamond Fall
Dolomite White
Dove Nuvolato
Duke White
Elegante Grey
Eramosa Crosscut
Eramosa Vein Cut
Fior Di Bosco
Fior Di Pesco Carnico
Fusion Blue
Fusion Fire
Fusion Wow Light
Fusion Wow Multicolour
Gold Macaubus
Golden Eclipse
Grey Marquina
Grigio Billiemi
Grigio Carnico
Gris Pulpis
Gris Versilia
Himalayan White
Ivory Fantasy
Juparana Rio
Jura Beige
Jura Blue Grey
Kashmir Gold
Kashmir White
Kuru Grey
Labrador Black
Labradorite Bianca
Lady Dream
Lemon Spice
Lemuiran Blue
London White
Luana Multicolour
Luna Pearl
LUNDHS Antique
LUNDHS Antique Silk
LUNDHS Blue Silk
LUNDHS Emerald
LUNDHS Emerald Silk
LUNDHS Royal Silk
Magma Black
Magma Gold
Majestic Brown
Marinace Aquarius
Marinace Black and White
Marinace Black and Gold
Marinace Rosso
Marinace Verde
Marron Imperial
Matrix Satinato
Marron Coheiba
Midnight Blue
Moca Creme
Moleanos Blue
Moleanos Fine Grain
Moon Agate
Moroccan Black Fossil
Mystic Platinum
Nero Portoro
Noir St. Laurent
Nordic Sunset
Olive Green
Oman White
Onyx Cappucino
Onyx Green
Onyx Pink
Onyx Silver
Onyx Smeraldo
Opera DArte
Pakistan Black and Gold
Palissandro Classico
Palissandro Nuvolato
Panda White
Panna Fragola
Paradiso Classico
Pietra Del Cardosa
Pietra Piasentina
Pietra Serena
Radianz Quartz – Acacia
Radianz Quartz – Adirondak Birch
Radianz Quartz – Aleutian White
Radianz Quartz – Antigua Beach
Radianz Quartz – Aster
Radianz Quartz – Bristol Beige
Radianz Quartz – Columbia Grey
Radianz Quartz – Denali Cloud
Radianz Quartz – Diamond White
Radianz Quartz – Eiger Slope
Radianz Quartz – Elbrus Boulder
Radianz Quartz – Everest White
Radianz Quartz – Gentle Grey
Radianz Quartz – Gold Canyon Grey
Radianz Quartz – Imperial Grey
Radianz Quartz – Juniper
Radianz Quartz – Kauai Cream
Radianz Quartz – Kunlun Ink
Radianz Quartz – Lucern Lake
Radianz Quartz – Makalu Silver
Radianz Quartz – Mauna Loa Black
Radianz Quartz – Milan Macchiato
Radianz Quartz – Mirama Bronze
Radianz Quartz – Mont Blanc Snow
Radianz Quartz – Napoli Beige
Radianz Quartz – Olympus Peak
Radianz Quartz – Orion
Radianz Quartz – Rio
Radianz Quartz – Saltoro Cliff
Radianz Quartz – Sierra Bedrock
Radianz Quartz – St. Helens White
Radianz Quartz – Toluca Sand
Radianz Quartz – Ural Grey
Radianz Quartz – Verona Verde
Rainforest Green
Rosa Tea
Rose Aurora
Rose Aurora Estramoz
Rosso Bilbao
Rosso Levanto
Rosso Luana
Royal Blue
Sapien Stone – Arabescato
Sapien Stone – Basalt Black
Sapien Stone – Basalt Cream
Sapien Stone – Bianco Lasa
Sapien Stone – Bright Onyx
Sapien Stone – Brown Earth
Sapien Stone – Calacatta
Sapien Stone – Calacatta Statuario
Sapien Stone – Grey Earth
Sapien Stone – Light Earth
Sapien Stone – Malm Black
Sapien Stone – Malm Grey
Sapien Stone – Pietra Grey
Sapien Stone – Premium White
Sapien Stone – Sand Earth
Sapien Stone – Uni Ice
Sapien Stone – Urban Antracite
Sapien Stone – Urban Argento
Sapphire Brown
Silver Cloud
Silver Wave
Silver Wind
St. Hubert
Steel Grey
Stonethica – Bardiglio
Stonethica – Carrara Mix
Stonethica – Pietra Cardoso
Strata Brown
Striato Olympo
Super White
Taj Mahal
Tan Brown
Terra Bianca
Thunder White
Topaz White
Travertine Cross-Cut
Tropical Black
Typhoon Green
Valley White
Verde Bamboo
Verde Cristina
Verde Fantastico
Verde Lapponia
Verde Luana
Verde Marina
Verde Savannah
Verde St. Denis
Verde Tinos
Visag Blue
Viscount White
Volga Blue
White Beauty
White Ice
Wild West
Crystal Blue
Teton Beige

Article by Phil Reed, independent design and trend consultant for a broad range of design studios and fashion companies.

I have always had a passion for surface pattern and design.  The surface of an object, whether natural or manmade, is always the first thing that appeals to me. Maybe it is a consequence of being a child of the 70’s and 80’s, when pattern was used to the max!  At that time every surface at home was covered in designs; the wallpaper, the curtains, even the carpet.

20 years ago I completed a degree in fashion and textiles and since then I have been lucky enough to work as a design and trend consultant for a broad range of design studios and fashion companies. From high-street retailers to designer catwalk collections, the variety of clients and the constantly changing design work that I have been involved with has made me the versatile and flexible designer that I am today.

For me design is a visual evolution with factors such as changing lifestyles, politics and environmental issues all having a huge impact on emerging trends.  I am constantly soaking up visual stimulus, often without being conscious of it at the time.  It is important that I recognise all kinds of newness and reinvention, wherever it occurs, as this is the key to delivering successful designs and products, at the right time, to the right client.

A year ago Gerald Culliford approached me with a view to working in a new and completely unfamiliar industry.  However, after visiting the company and seeing the wide variety of beautiful and fascinating stones that GC stocks, I was really excited to be involved.  Fashion and interior trends have always been heavily influenced by one another and nowadays they have become inseparable, especially when it comes to colour and pattern.

Trend: Going Green

It is clear that natural stones have become the material of choice for many interior designers and product designers over the last few years. As the desire to use marble, granite, onyx and other natural stones has increased, so has public confidence to introduce ever more colourful and boldly patterned stones into their homes.

For several years there has been an evolving trend for bringing interior and exterior spaces together to blur the boundaries of inside and out. Glass walls and bi-fold doors now create a seamless transition to the garden and with the recent trend for houseplants in the home, there is no longer a clear division between the house and the garden.

With this in mind green is the dominant colour that transcends the two spaces and because of this it has become a major trend across fashion and interiors. 

Green in its many shades and hues can be calm and tranquil with tones of sage and mint refreshing and cleansing the home. They combine perfectly with dusky tones of pink and with soft pastel colours and white to create light and airy spaces.  Gerald Culliford stocks the perfect stones to create and enhance this look: Marinace Verde is a beautiful granite with variant shades of green, pink and grey, pebble-shaped patterning.  

Verde Luana marble feels completely luxurious with soft swathes of pale green, white and grey ripples.  And with an entirely different, yet equally calming feel, the Green Onyx features clouds of botanical greens with ivory and subtle grey to white misty tones.

At the opposite end of the green spectrum you have the richer, darker, heritage tones. These greens help to create luxurious, modern interiors, frequently complimented by brass metal finishes and velvet soft furnishings, clearly inspired by the Art Deco period.  They are striking, opulent and confident:  Stones at Gerald Culliford, which demonstrate this look perfectly, are Verde St. Denis with its light to dark green tones, verging on black in parts, which is lifted by its white, naturally-crackled markings. Rainforest Green is also a stunning marble originating from India, which has a mix of heavy and light veining in shades of white, ivory and rust.

Green is the colour of nature, wellbeing and tranquillity.  Stones with a green hue are in high demand this season, but they are also timeless and extremely versatile.