Culliford’s Top 5 Backsplash Materials

5 Materials that will make the perfect backsplash to put the cherry on the cake that is your kitchen

The backsplash can be the focal point of any modern kitchen, having a backsplash as a statement piece can really make your kitchen stand out from the rest and why would you not use natural stone?

So keep scrolling down and get those creative juices flowing......

1. Lilac
Turkish Lilac marble hits the top spot for us, a popular choice with a lot of our customers including Martin Moore Kitchens it has a classic crisp white background with a spiderweb like deep purple veining that works especially well when book matched.

See our available stock here: Lilac
Cost: ££

2. Arabescato Vagli
Arabescato Vagli marble of Italy is one of the vintage options, its soft creamy white background and hushed heathery veining will give any kitchen a vintage look of elegance and class.

See our available stock here: Arabescato Vagli
Cost: £££

3. Stonethica – Cardoso / Bardiglio / Carrara Mix
Stonethica use a blend of natural stone and resin to create these interesting and modern look materials that will give your kitchen a unique and contemporary vibe that exudes style.

See our available stock here: Stonethica
Cost: £££

4. Rainforest Green
The rebel of the pack, Rainforest Green from India is certainly the brave option but will give a rustic and wild styling that makes for a wonderful statement piece.

See our available stock here: Rainforest Green
Cost: £

5. Lemurian Blue
Labradorite from Madagascar spent millions of years cooling down to form these amazing iridescent crystals that catch the light at all angles will illuminate your kitchen, you can never get bored looking at this natural piece of art.

See our available stock here: Lemurian Blue
Cost: ££££
Looking for something a little different then explore our Slabs Online section or contact us with what you are looking for and one of our dedicated stone consultants will search the earth to find the piece that is right for you.