Sapien Stone Ceramics

Fine quality stone specialists, Gerald Culliford Ltd, has introduced its very first ceramic surface material, SapienStone.
Crafted from ceramic clays and mineral colourings, the latest addition to the company’s selection of exceptional stone is available in a range of colours and finishes and boasts a number of outstanding qualities.

Suitable for a number of applications in the home from kitchen worktops to bathroom surfaces, SapienStone is heat, light, scratch and chemical resistant thanks to its unique manufacturing process. Catering to a variety of tastes from the ultra-contemporary to a more traditional style, each of the ceramic products are characterised by unique marble full bodied veining, meaning that the colour on top goes right through the slabs to avoid any unusual white lines that can occur in other ceramic products. The new addition to Gerald Culliford Ltd’s range is available in a stunning choice of sophisticated hues that add an exquisite finish to any space in the home.


Selecting some of the most exotic and interesting stones and offering unrivalled expertise and access to many of the world’s finest surfaces, Gerald Culliford Ltd is the go-to destination for true statement piece materials for any application in the home, whether it is for your kitchen worktop, your bathroom walls or your fireplace surround. The breadth of choice combined with the company’s depth of knowledge is guaranteed to provide you a surface material that is unique to you and your home.